Ventilation & Extraction Systems

KES Facilities Ventilation

In addition to the refrigeration and air conditioning, KES Facilities are also experts in the design, install and maintenance of ventilation systems. Ventilation is absolutely necessary in an extensive array of industries and in most cases your ventilation system must meet a certain standard to ensure that your company stays compliant and that your insurance remains valid.

Ventilation systems are often required in commercial kitchens, any industry where spray booths are used and also various other applications including transport companies, universities and most types of manufacturing.

The types of ventilation systems we install, repair and maintain include:

Ventilation as well as keeping your organisation compliant, also has many other benefits which make it extremely beneficial. An efficient ventilation system will reduce your company’s operational costs and also improve its environmental performance

Kitchen ventilation systems/ kitchen extraction/ Kitchen canopy

Some areas covered include:

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