How to Get a Gas Safety Certificate


How to Get a Gas Safety Certificate

KES Facilities
Monday, July 13th, 2020

Managing the technical appliances on your commercial property requires patience and organisation. You need to know what equipment you have, which items are connected to the gas supply, the steps you need to take in the event of an appliance breakdown, and how frequently each appliance should be serviced. As well as all of that, you also need to ensure that the equipment on your property adheres to local regulations and that you have the appropriate certificates to prove it.

Few certificates are more important than your gas safety certificate. Although these certificates are relatively painless to obtain, they become a nightmare if they’re ever lost. In this article we’ll explain how KES Facilities can help you get your gas safety certificate, maintain it annually, and why you could be breaking the law if you’re operating without one.

Why Do I Need a Gas Safety Certificate?

Believe us, you’re not the only one to have asked this question. If you own or operate a commercial property that uses gas appliances, you are required by law to have a valid gas safety certificate. Failing to obtain one or allowing your current certificate to lose validity is a criminal offence.

As with many other certificates, the gas safety certificate is required to ensure the highest level of safety in the workplace. Every year, a handful of British workers are killed by faulty gas appliances, leaking flues, and carbon monoxide poisoning. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use Regulations 1998 ensures that owners obtain the appropriate gas safety certificate to confirm that the appliances on site are safe for use.

You may be tempted to take your chances and ignore the regulations: don’t put yourself and others at risk. The penalties and fines are not insignificant and, in the worst-case scenario, your negligence could be paid for with somebody else’s life and manslaughter charges.

What Are the Stages of Getting a Gas Safety Certificate?

It’s easy to organise getting your gas safety certificate with KES Facilities. Our team of engineers are Gas Safe registered and fully qualified to inspect and test your commercial gas appliances.

Beware – only Gas Safe registered engineers are permitted to issue gas safety certificates. If you receive a quote that seems too good to be true, it’s probably coming from a company whose engineers aren’t Gas Safe registered.

Tell Us About Your Appliances

First, you’ll need to provide us with a list of all the gas-fired boilers, heaters, and appliances on your commercial property. That way we can provide you with a quote, letting you know how much your gas safety certificate is going to cost in total.

Allow Our Engineers to Carry Out the Tests

Shortly after the price has been confirmed, our engineers will arrive on your property ready to carry out all of the required tests. Our team will carry out a visual test, a functionality test, a pressure test, an operations test, and any other relevant tests required to prove that every appliance is fit for purpose. Every appliance will be individually tested with the same methodology.

Since your appliances will need to be isolated while they undergo testing, it’s a good idea to organise the tests around some pre-planned commercial downtime.

Get A Certificate with Your New Appliance

So you know how to get a gas safety certificate for appliances on your commercial property – but you can also get a certificate when a new piece of apparatus is installed as well.

Once our KES Facilities engineers have finished installing your new gas-fired appliance, we’ll leave you with a report that explains what tests and checks we performed. This record of safety checks and inspections serves as your gas safety certificate and proves that the item is fit for purpose and that there are no dangerous gas leaks.

Is There Anything Else That I Need to Do?

It’s as simple as that – once you’ve organised the testing required for the certificate, the rest is up to us. All you have to do is keep on top of your records and renew your gas safety certificate annually (at a minimum).

Gas Safety Certificates with KES Facilities

With competitive prices, professional engineers, and quick response times throughout Yorkshire, our KES Facilities team will be able to get your gas safety certificate issued in no time at all.

Contact our team with a list of your appliances and we’ll get a quote back to you as soon as we can. There’s no job too big or small for our team of experts.