Noise Nuisance Solutions

Noise Nuisance

Guidance on the Control of Odour and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems is where KES Facilities limited come in to help. With past and present clients we have always found that product knowledge is exactly where we can help you achieve all area or council restrictions.

Anti-vibration mountings
Mount all machines on properly designed vibration isolators, design equipment room for mechanical dynamic loads, and balance rotating and reciprocating equipment.

Acoustic Lagging and duct design
Ducting lagged with sound absorbing material

Attenuation or silencers
Duct silencers or sound plenums in supply and return air ducts.

Acoustic fans
Select fans for minimum sound power and boxed with sound absorbing properties

Stack or duct discharge
Jet cowl to allow free flow of air, inadequate height of the discharge stack is one of the main reasons the emissions from a kitchen gives rise to odour nuisance. The stack design is paramount to achieving good dispersion

Guidance on stack requirements for commercial kitchens varies between Local Authorities. The range of guidance issued by Local Authorities is summarised below:

Guidance on the minimum stack height ranges from:

  • 1 m above the eaves of the premises and/or above any dormer window;
  • 1 m above ridge height of any building within 15 m

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