Common Commercial Boiler Issues & How to Solve Them


Common Commercial Boiler Issues & How to Solve Them

KES Facilities
Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

When your commercial boiler is running as it should, you’ll barely even give it a second thought. Unfortunately, that peace of mind turns into a nightmare when your boiler decides it doesn’t want to play ball. Boiler issues will make any tasks within your commercial building that require hot water quickly become impossible.

That’s why today, we’re going to discuss some of the most common commercial boiler issues and how you can solve them. For the simplest of issues that only need a quick inspection all the way to serious faults that require urgent attention, this post will set you in good stead. Whatever the problem is, there’s nobody better to contact than our KES Facilities team: we’ll get your boiler inspected, repaired, or replaced in no time.

The Most Common Commercial Boiler Issues

Can you see your breath while you’re reading this? Are there unusual sounds coming from the boiler? Or is it a more trivial issue like a fault code or flickering light? These are the most common commercial boiler issues, ranging from significant problems all the way to ones that are fixed-in-a-moment.

Low Heat or No Heat

This is probably the most obvious issue with your commercial boiler. When there’s no heating, you’ve got a problem that needs to be addressed quickly.

There are several different faults that can lead to low heat, an uneven distribution of heat, or no heat at all. If you’re lucky, your burners are dirty and there’s a blockage preventing heat from spreading. This is easily fixed by cleaning the burners and removing dust or debris, but can also cause a serious fire hazard until it’s properly cleaned.

Make sure that you also have an active maintenance schedule: this issue is one of the first things our KES technicians check. Otherwise, there could be a broken thermostat, a faulty pump, stuttering ignition, or sludge somewhere in the system. These are more serious issues and will need a callout to inspect and repair.

Unusual Sounds

If you have to ask yourself whether that sound really came from your commercial boiler, then something’s not quite right. Gurgling, fizzing, bubbling, whistling, and even banging are all sounds that you should be aware of.

These sounds might be caused by something as minor as low pressure. But there could also be air in the system, or a limescale and mineral build-up. These are serious issues and need to be repaired immediately by an expert. The longer you delay the callout, the longer your boiler overworks and the more likely it is that other parts break as well.

Faulty Pilot Light

Has the spark gone out… literally? Your pilot light – the small, strong gas-lit flame below the boiler – should always be lit. When it goes out, there’s normally an issue with the gas supply to your commercial boiler.

And no matter how DIY-proficient you may be, please don’t start tapping into your gas supply without detailed knowledge of its structure. You’ll also need to have your commercial boiler inspected and certified every year by a Gas Safe engineer, which can minimise the risk of an issue with the gas supply. Call our KES team and we’ll get a fully-qualified engineer out to inspect your gas supply right away.

Constant Boiler Lockout

Many of the faults we’ve already mentioned can lead to constant boiler lockout. Ready, set…click? If your boiler goes through the start-up motions then suddenly switches off, then something is very wrong.

There should be an error light (normally red) or a fault code displayed. A quick reset could solve your problem, but if the issue keeps occurring, then research your fault code.

If the recommended repair or action is beyond your ability, then our experts will know exactly what to do. Broken pumps, faulty thermocouples, and even blocked valves can be fixed on the spot.

Commercial Boiler Fan Issues

The reset button won’t, however, fix any fan faults. Faults with the fan are mechanical issues and need to be physically inspected before any faults can be formally identified.

If the fan is running too slow or failing to run at all, then there could be something wrong with the connection or wiring. Excessive vibration can dislodge parts of the frame, or there could again be a build-up of debris. Water leakages are more alarming and can cause extensive damage throughout your boiler apparatus.

Commercial Boiler Care with KES Facilities

Prevention is the best form of defence when it comes to commercial boilers. If for some reason you don’t already have a boiler maintenance schedule, then contact our friendly team today.

Regular inspections allow us to keep on top of your boiler’s health and solve any potential issues before they arise. And, where one-off repairs are required, then we’ll get your boiler back up-and-running in no time at all. We’re local to you – contact our team today to find out how we can help.