Grease, Smoke and Odour Reduction Systems for Ventilation

Grease, Smoke and Odour Reduction Systems for Ventilation

KES Facilities are now manufacturing and designing bespoke Grease, Smoke and Odour Reduction systems for ventilation in commercial kitchens and food production in house as well as fitting existing brands. Due to project variations and restrictions in space, time and council expectations we know the needs of a custom service in all areas to achieve a compliant system.

We share our experience and knowledge with consultants, contractors, environmental health officers and architects to ensure effective nuisance and pollution control system which can both filter and purify air being discharged from a commercial premise in line with the essential DEFRA Guidance.

All kitchens vary and grease, smoke and odour control solutions have to be customised to a fine balance between performance, cost, space and the style of cuisines provided. Our team can work with you to carry out an Odour Assessment of any commercial food premises, this will then lead you towards making the selection of a nuisance control system that will comply with local authority requirements that is such a sticking point in today’s kitchen ventilation

Kitchen Extracts in commercial kitchens are designed to provide operatives with a safe and comfortable working environment, while maintaining food hygiene requirement. Compliance is achieved by removing the by-products of cooking from the cooking area including heat, humidity, grease, smoke and odour.

These are removed from the cooking area by the kitchen extract and are usually discharged outside of the building around 1 metre above the eves.

This discharge point can be at high level, but is often at low level, and in an area where the products of discharge can cause a nuisance and none compliance. Issue with local authorities for noise complaints, odour and grease issues are the most common.

It is increasingly common for establishments to take responsibility for the discharge of the nuisance caused by the products of cooking. When prospective tenants/owners seek planning advice from local authorities to open a new restaurant, demands will often be made of them to offer grease, smoke and odour control to suitable levels. This may also include maintaining an aesthetic solution too, environmental controlled areas even more so will have tighter restrictions.

KES facilities are successfully providing and installing highly effective products for Kitchen Extracts from its Yorkshire based operation centre. These products include Baffle, Mesh, HEPA, and Activated Carbon filters to control grease, smoke and odour emissions from kitchens.

Our aim simple in minimising any impact they have on their surroundings while achieving the compliance needed for kitchen ventilation systems to be signed off by planning.

With a varied product range to include some new alternatives which are being sought out by other competitors, restaurant owners, designers, and the local authority.

Products offered by us include UV Ozone Technology, Electrostatic Precipitators, and Atomising Odour Maskers / Neutralisers to deal with the nuisances and planning restrictions

From extract design for both the new installations, and retrofit situations including, size, weight, air resistance, capital and revenue costs along with environmental benefits.

The solutions we offer include incorporating grease, smoke and odour control, and to enhance this further, a new product is also being launched, the Kitchen Extract AHU.

We can manufacture a custom Kitchen Extract Air Handling Unit utilises Activated Carbon and HEPA filtration technology, combining this with a fan and attenuator, all mounted within a double skinned aluminium box to offer the complete kitchen extract system or ventilation system to suit most needs

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