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Here at KES Facilities you can rely on us for all your commercial ventilation needs. Based in Leeds, we are experts in understanding the end-to-end process of installing and maintaining a first-rate ventilation system in your cloakroom or kitchen. As we work with a huge variety of buildings in all sorts of shapes, sizes and industries, we are highly experienced in offering a completely tailor-made service to suit your business.

KES Facilities is proud to offer a fully comprehensive design, installation and maintenance service for all forms of mechanical ventilation. Having honed our ventilation knowledge over many years, our expertise includes all aspects of natural ventilation systems, evaporative cooling, intake and extract systems and roof mounted extract fans.

Why do I need good ventilation?

Ventilation can be need for all sorts of reason but is mainly used to circulate and improve the quality of the air around you. Ventilation in buildings has three main purposes:

  • To give enhanced minimum air quality
  • To provide a noticeable breeze, ideal for keeping cool in a hot kitchen
  • To remove dust and other pollutants

Ventilation itself can simply be designed to take advantage of any natural air flow, or it can be forced for example through an air conditioning unit.

What are the benefits?

Natural ventilation means getting in some of that lovely Yorkshire air! It’s offer very low running costs, no energy consumption, is usually very cheap to install and is easy to maintain. It’s also considered to be healthier and feels natural like a ‘breath of fresh air’. Additionally, natural ventilation means you’re less likely to suffer hygiene problems with filters and ducts, and as they’re often used in conjunction with windows they’re refreshing in natural daylight too.

Where mechanical ventilation differs is that it offers the additional benefit of being able to control to your ventilation. This means you can adjust things like the temperature of the air and the speed settings of the fans to find the perfect temperature and level of breeze of you.

Why use KES Facilities?

Here at KES we’re pleased to offer a range of facilities services, from design and supply to fully comprehensive maintenance contracts. Although we’re based in Leeds, we are happy to come out to you to offer completely FREE initial advice, wherever in the UK you are.

We actively invest in the latest training and cutting edge technology by working with all the major manufacturers. This then keeps us in the loop with all new ideas and processes which we then use to create a bespoke solution for you.

Our specialist team are on hand to design and install the ventilation you need from start to finish, and you can expect long-lasting, reliable results that maximise return on investment. With many years’ HVAC experience and expert knowledge of the complete process, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll end up with a safe, comfortable and completely compliant place to work.

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