Kitchen Extraction Motor Replacement Leeds

Searching for a local company in the Leeds area to fix your kitchen extractor? Look no further than KES Facilities Limited for unrivalled service from initial design to the finishing touches.

Why is kitchen extraction needed?

An essential part of the hood on your cooker, the extraction unit is designed to remove cooking smells from your home or workplace. This is particularly important if you have an open plan restaurant or dining area. Additionally, a well-functioning cooker hood will offer an effective removal of grease from the air which not only serves to preserve the cleanliness of your units and fittings, it helps to stop the hob catching light as you cook.

Repairing your cooker’s extractor hood

A very common issue with extractor hoods involves the failure of the fans that remove odour and grease from the air. If a build-up of dirt and grease is allowed to accumulate within the motor of the extractor, it’s liable to become sticky and cease to function altogether. If this has happened then the first thing you’re likely is a total lack of any sound from it. Or conversely, you may hear louder noises than usual, like whirring or rattling coming from inside. It’s tempting to assume that any noise from the fans is good noise but this isn’t so, as damaged fans are unlikely to be particularly effective. Occasionally the problem can be electrical, meaning the issue will be with the wiring or switches, but usually it’s a simple case of wear and tear on the motor that makes the fans rotate. It may also be that the fan itself, or some of the fan blades have become loose and are moving at the wrong speed.

Why KES Facilities?

KES Facilities Limited is a leading supplier of commercial refrigeration equipment. Situated in Leeds, we are proud to offer a fast, professional kitchen extraction motor replacement service across the whole of Yorkshire as well as the rest of the UK.
Supplying a wide variety of businesses including catering, retail, education and more, we can offer expert advice and experience on any aspect of facilities maintenance. We are also happy to provide FREE surveys so we can discuss every aspect of the design and installation of your new kitchen extraction motor which means you’re guaranteed to find the one that perfectly suits your needs.
We understand you’re busy, and that a kitchen extraction system which isn’t working properly can be a real headache. So whether you’re wanting a whole new extraction unit, a new motor or you’re just looking for a professional opinion, KES Facilities is always on hand to help. It’s very possible that we can also come up with some ideas you haven’t even thought of!

Speak to our friendly, knowledgeable team today about how KES Facilities can benefit your company. To arrange your FREE survey, please call us now on 01924 828 134.

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Not listed above? Please still get in touch as we’re still likely to be able to help.

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