Ideal Commercial Boilers

Our highly trained KES Facilities technicians are always prepared for a callout in the Yorkshire area – and even throughout the United Kingdom. They look after a lot of commercial boiler installations, repairs, and services. Ideal is one of the biggest names in the commercial boiler industry, and our technicians have become very familiar with the brand and its products.

Please call us on 0113 347 1234 to find out how we can help you. Or use the contact form at the top!

Ideal Products We Service

As its name suggests, Ideal Commercial Boilers has you covered when it comes to commercial boilers. Whether you’re looking for wall hung, floor standing, modular, aluminium heat exchangers, stainless steel exchangers, or even pressure jets, they stock and sell the very best on the market. Ideal Commercial Boilers is the UK’s market leader of high-efficiency commercial heating solutions. It has been operating in Hull since 1906 and remains one of the only British manufacturers left in the heating industry.

At KES Facilities, we repair the following Ideal commercial boiler models:

  • Evomax 2
  • Evomax 2 Cascade And PHEX
  • EVO S
  • Imax Extra
  • Imax Extra EL
  • Evomod
  • Evojet
  • Evomax
  • Evomax Cascade
  • Vanguard L
  • Viceroy GTS
  • Viscount GTS

Are you looking to install, maintain, or repair an Ideal Heating Solutions product that isn’t on our list? Worry not. There’s a good chance that we’ll be able to work on your machine for you and get it up-and-running in no time at all. Based in Leeds, our experienced team are always ready to do what it takes to keep your business running. Get in touch today.

If you’re looking for spare parts, we recommend having a look at our partner site KES Supplies, whose wide selection is sure to help!