Grease and odour control

Cooking fumes are a big issue, particularly in commercial kitchens where a large amount of food is prepared at once. Grease, steam and carbon which are released during a busy service all need to be extracted from the air to prevent excessive odour and dirt. Grease which has managed to build up inside a kitchen extraction system is very dangerous as it’s a sizeable and prevalent fire risk. As the owner or manager of a commercial food premises, it’s vital that you make sure your kitchen staff understand the importance of regularly cleaning the canopies and ducts within the extractor and make sure it’s done.

If you’re unsure about which type of kitchen extractor system is best for your business, KES Facilities will be happy to advise you. Based in Leeds but covering the whole of the UK, we are able to install new extraction systems from scratch or repair ones which have broken down. After all, a fully working extraction system is very important and without it, cooking may have to stop altogether so time is of the essence.

We work with leading manufacturers to provide everything you could possibly need for your new or existing extractor system. Types of filtration include:

Baffle type filters

These are generally considered to be the first line of defence against grease building up within the kitchen canopy. Offering a good amount of grease extraction and also easy to keep clean, baffle type filters are the most common form of simple filtration on the market.

Carbon filtration and absorption

This type of filter is the most commonly used across commercial kitchens. Other materials which can be used are Zeolites, silicas and polymeric resins. You can also get activated carbon systems which are impregnated in oxidising materials like permanganate or chlorine dioxide, although these tend to be more costly. Gaseous molecules stick to the surface of the solid and remain there for a time before being desorbed again into the gas phase. They’re installed in separate ducting plenum boxes for excellent grease and odour control.

Mesh type filters

Usually installed right above the kitchen cooking range within the extraction canopy, they’re often found in older extraction units as more modern types of filtration offer increased efficiency. They’re also quite difficult to clean.

ESP (electrostatic precipitator)

Electrostatic separators (ESP) are designed to separate solid or liquid particles from the air that’s taken in. The particles are then electrostatically charged so that they stick to the collection plates.

Ultra violet filtration

UV filters are extremely effective in breaking down grease and odours. The good news too is that UV filters can be retrofitted into existing systems which is great if you’re looking to upgrade. They work by injecting ozone formed by UV lamps, which then breaks down the smells and grease into water vapour. Although more expensive to install initially, in comparison to carbon filtration systems they’re much cheaper to maintain as only the UV lamps needing replacement every 12 months.

How KES Facilities can help

We are independent specialists in all commercial kitchen filtration and ventilation systems. By choosing from a range of the best brands and manufacturers, we can offer you the right mix of products and services you need.

We understand how stressful a breakdown can be, especially one that puts your kitchen out of action, so we put you at the forefront of our commitment to offer the highest quality installations, service and maintenance.

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