Gas Interlock Installation Leeds

It is legally required by Gas Safe that all commercial kitchens have a working gas interlock system fitted. It’s vitally important that gas interlock systems are not only installed correctly but that they’re serviced and maintained properly too. This is where KES Facilities can help.

What is a Gas Interlock System?

Sometimes called a gas safety interlock system, these devices provide a failsafe to reduce the chances of a gas-related accident. It controls the flow of gas to all of your gas appliances until the ventilation system is on and working as it should. Essentially, a gas interlock system is designed to stop carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide building up and threatening the health of both your employees and customers. It will also prevent explosions caused by a surplus of unburned gas. The way it works involves a special sensor which monitors airflow, and if the flow isn’t good enough then the gas supply will remain cut off. This means your kitchen equipment cannot be used until the airflow improves.

Who needs a Gas Interlock System?

It should be the top priority of any business which has a commercial kitchen to have an effective gas interlock system fitted. When you use us to fit your new system, it will strictly adhere to all the latest legal requirements, including the British Standard BS6173 and the Gas Safe regulations. If you don’t install and correctly maintain your gas interlock system, you can end up:

  • Severely compromising the health and wellbeing of your staff and the general public
  • Being prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive
  • Paying very hefty fines for non-compliance which may affect the financial stability of your business
  • Having your kitchen closed until safety systems have been installed or fixed
  • Failing a CP42 inspection


Maintaining your Gas Interlock System

Gas interlock systems need regular scheduled maintenance so that they stay compliant with the BS6173 standard. If maintenance isn’t carried out properly, then any breakdowns could be costly or mean your kitchen can’t be used. It should be checked at least once a year to make sure that the airflow detection sensor and gas cut off are working as they should.

When you get in touch with us, one of our highly qualified engineers will closely examine every part of the system to make sure it’s working efficiently, including the pipes. All our installation and repair work will be carried out by GAS 2079-certified engineers to meet all Gas Safe regulations for your complete peace of mind.

Why choose KES Facilities

Based in Leeds, we can offer a FREE initial consultation at your place of business. KES Facilities have a wealth of experience in the commercial, retail and leisure industries and are pleased to provide a fast, friendly service every time. We offer everything from designing and supplying your gas interlock system, to serving and maintenance contacts too. We are proud to have invested in the latest technology whilst working with major manufacturers to offer you the best range of great value products possible.

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