Commercial Glasswashers & Dishwashers Barnsley

Whatever your commercial glass or dishwasher needs, KES Facilities can design, install, maintain and repair systems that meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

Our engineers are college-qualified, experienced and highly skilled. Servicing customers in the Barnsley area, KES Facilities works with businesses of any size, large or small… there is always a need for clean pots, plates and glasses!

Due to that constant need, it is vitally important that your system is well-maintained and fully functional at all times.

Breakdowns usually occur when units have not been regularly stripped and descaled. Water scale and bacteria build ups cause blockages that routine care and maintenance can avoid.

Our expert team offers maintenance contracts, as well as an emergency breakdown call-out service.

Call us on 0113 347 1234 to prevent unnecessary breakdowns, disruptions to your business and added expense.

Leasing / Rental

If you don’t want the responsibility of owning and maintaining your own glasswashing or dishwashing system, KES Facilities can lease you whatever you need.

Types of Commercial Glasswashers & Dishwashers we repair, install and service include
  • Winterhalter
  • Hobart
  • Classeq
  • Classic
  • Hoonved
  • Sammic
  • Comenda
  • Clenaware
  • DC
  • Omniwash
  • Kromo

Please call us on 0113 347 1234 to find out how we can help you. Or use the contact form at the top!