Commercial Boilers Castleford

At KES Facilities, our team of technicians are highly trained with many different domestic and commercial applications – commercial boilers are no different. There are few installations and repairs they haven’t seen before, so if you require any assistance whatsoever with your commercial boiler on your Castleford property, we’re the team to call.

Commercial Boiler Installation Castleford

Many people don’t realise that the same team to install your boiler is usually the one that services it and repairs it. Our technicians truly live for boilers, and they undertake safe, secure, and certified installations of commercial boilers on industrial sites every day.

Commercial Boiler Service Castleford

Once your boiler’s installed, it’s absolutely crucial that you organise a regular service schedule. At an absolute minimum, we recommend having your commercial boiler inspected every 12 months. However, bi-yearly inspections are preferred.

Commercial Boiler Repair Castleford

Sadly, despite the expertise and skill of our technicians, commercial boilers are complicated arrangements, and any number of faults can occur. Whether that fault is significant or trivial, our team will always be close to Castleford and ready to help.

Please call us on 0113 347 1234 to find out how we can help you. Or use the contact form at the top!